Helping "U" move through "it" no matter what "it" is!

One Organization - Two Divisions

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"GradUit"ing Through Change

As we move through life and business, we are constantly learning and growing through challenges and events on our journey to be, do and have more. We don't just graduate from high school, college or university, we graduate through stages, relationships and events. Grad "U" it - because "U" are always BIGGER than "it", whatever that "it" is

Thriving Forward Ottawa

Our Personal Growth Division offers women a social, safe place, a positive community to build relationships that allow room for growth. Sharing experiences through story, introductions to resources and bite-size actionable Next Steps provided in social settings allow for conversations for positive change.

Stepping Stones (for Success)

Our Professional Development Division is for entrepreneurs who are the beginning of their journey of transformation. Ready to do the work? Gain clarity? Be accountable? This positive, judgement-free community allows members to provide support for each other, while gaining skills, strategies and tools that ensure success.

Leading by Example

The Co-Founders, Penny Lee Prevost and Liz M Raymond (having walked the walk and talked the talk) have joined forces to bring 30 years of personal development training and experience, and 60 years of business training and experience to GradUit. Here to guide, support and grow with you!