Monthly Archives: May 2016

What is time really?

We can’t touch it or see it, however we can measure it and event track it. SO DO YOU? Just think about it this way…..we are all born into this world with the same amount of time in a day yet we have no way of knowing how many days, weeks, months or even years […]

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Beyond the Vision

Scrolling through Facebook and Googling within the internet there are many articles and events that tell you that to find success and get it within your grasp you need to create a vision board.  I’ve seen where they tell you to cut out all of the items you want.  There’s the cars, houses, trips, jewelry […]

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Dreams DO Come True

It is August 2004, Marc just turned in May and we had the opportunity to celebrate on our 2nd trip to Hawaii!  What a thrill it was to enjoy tropical beverages by the poolside all day long. We were discussing the rental of a motorcycle to tour the island……until the beverages by the poolside won […]

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