Creating Change

Creating change in your life begins with YOU. Change from within effects changes you want to see around you.

“It was only when I was ready for change was I able to take responsibility for where I was at because of the choices I made (and didn’t make). Once I made the CHOICE to do what I needed to do to create CHANGE in my life could I begin to “hear” what my teachers were teaching. Then once I got myself in a better place, everything else followed.” –

If you are here, you have made the CHOICE to step into CHANGE!

First step is to take some time to ….


Download the worksheet, find a quiet place & answer the questions.


Thriving Forward Through Change

A social platform where women come together to share stories of – challenge to triumph – funny empowering events – amazing journeys – connection and community.

Stories can be powerful – they offer hope – they share inspiration – they share laughter – they can change a life.

Come on over to T.F.T.C. Our gatherings are a safe place where conversations and connection begin. Click on the image


Stepping Stones For Success

More than a mastermind, better than a networking event. A positive community of success-minded entrepreneurs (men and women) coming together to support and encourage each other.

Affordable, interactive mini-masterclasses monthly provide bite-sized teachings that can be implemented immediately. Entrepreneurship from A to Z! Additional coaching available to those looking for more.

Check out SSFS, you will be glad you did!