Penny Lee Prevost

Penny Lee’s passion is to help people realize their full potential, unlocking their hidden abilities through the “4 C’s of Success”​ strategy. She connects people in business to expand their client base and build alliances for collaborative efforts which increase their productivity for a profitable return.

She has not only mentored many entrepreneurs to success in business over her 25 year career in sales & marketing but she has also found that the same success principals have led to phenomenal results in their personal lives as well. Her passion is fueled by the synergy created when like minded people come together to support one another as a community.

Penny Lee is a devoted wife & mother to 3 beautiful daughters who have embraced the magic of having a positive attitude zone in their home and has applied the GradUit Thrivers training personally and professionally.

Liz M Raymond

Born and raised in the Ottawa area, Liz attended the High School of Commerce (a business high school) and later, part time at Algonquin College in her early 20’s. After working a succession of jobs after graduating high school (majoring in Accounting and Computer Processing), Liz chose the path of entrepreneurship which provided unlimited opportunities and flexibility for taking care of her family . It was 1995, thinking “outside of the box” that Liz started her own accounting business.  Since 1995 Liz has been helping business owners streamline their business systems to create better efficiency.

A life long learner, education in any form has been an important key to Liz’s success.  Her resourcefulness proved to be another important quality when she became a single parent at 32. The ability to learn quickly and the enthusiasm to continue learning are qualities that Liz is grateful to possess. Sharing this knowledge with those who are enthusiastic to acquire more is a gift worth giving. Knowledge is power when applied positively and will always create value.