Beyond the Vision

VisionScrolling through Facebook and Googling within the internet there are many articles and events that tell you that to find success and get it within your grasp you need to create a vision board.  I’ve seen where they tell you to cut out all of the items you want.  There’s the cars, houses, trips, jewelry and even those exotic vacations.  Slapping up a collage of items has been the advice of workshop facilitators that hope they convince you that this is all you need to do to get what you want.  Truth be known, it is SO much more.

When you really take the time to think about living a successful life, wouldn’t you agree that it’s got to be more than just the “things” you can accumulate, or perhaps it should.  I’ve never been much of a “stuff” gal which I find very freeing.  I use to compare myself to those who have so much more than I do… a big house, beautiful cars, expensive trips. I thought I was missing out because I didn’t have any of that.  Over the years as I have taken the time to reflect, and reframe my thinking, I know that MY successes really have nothing to do with “stuff”.  My successes are about what fills my heart and what changes lives for the better – being involved in my children’s lives and seeing them move through their journeys, being involved in my community to help others and to help create a community of support for others – for single parents with their journey and for entrepreneurs with their business journey.

Reaching your meaning of success begins with your first step of digging deep to figure out what matters to YOU and then each step you take to get closer to your goal/destination.  Often we don’t know where we are going when we begin walking the path of our journey.  Guided by the words of our parents, educators and influencers, we may even find ourselves going down a path that doesn’t really feel right, but we believe it is because older, wiser people have told us so.  If we keep ourselves open and start paying attention to how we feel and what our “gut” tells us, we venture down different paths.

When we begin to see clear of our vision, a vision board it only the first step.  Living and breathing your achieved reality, making it present in each day, feeling the excitement and passion that seeing your vision come to fruition.  Being conscious and learning additional tools are a must.

Being surrounded with achievers, Thrivers, who are destined to create lives that  difference  I invite you to visit our next Cornerstones Mastermind meeting, meet Thrivers that continue to travel their journey to their desired reality.

Liz M Raymond, Thriver

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