Change is Good

GradUit Thrivers Manifesto

Sunday, November 15, 2015 the Ottawa Chapter of GradUit Thrivers met to celebrate the launch of the latest movement.  The founding members are a group of positive, pay it forward individuals that not only make a difference, but have been on a journey that has been changing lives.

Change comes in many forms.  It is said that change needs to begin within you in order for your surroundings/environment to change.  Our GradUit journey began with the dream and desire to make a change in the world, shared by an inspiring woman, Melanie Hayden-Sparks, Founder of the GradUit Network.  She is “the first link in a positive chain reaction that nurtures the human spirit around the world!  A desire to carry on Melanie’s work, we are proud to accept the “torch” with Melanie’s blessings and support.

Penny Lee Prevost, Co-Founder and our fearless leader has been leading the way with her strong belief that we need to inspire and empower each other while modelling for our next generation.  Liz M Raymond, Co-Founder provides support with her technical expertise and communication skills with a strong desire to share the GradUit strategies of success with others.

Our founding members, Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil, Nicola Wolters, Sandy Benoit and Aleida Dickland embody all of the qualities of a true GradUit as well as expertise as we continue to mentor and support, without judgement, each other as we work towards our goals.

Continued personal and professional development with success-minded individuals in an environment that is like no other, we are certain to succeed in all areas of our lives.

Stay tuned for news of our December Social, it’s an event you will want to attend!!

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