Dreams DO Come True

It is August 2004, Marc just turned 40 in May and we had the opportunity to celebrate on our 2nd trip to Hawaii!  What a thrill it was to enjoy tropical beverages by the poolside all day long. We were discussing the rental of a motorcycle to tour the island……until the beverages by the poolside won out over being stressed to drive in a city that he was unsure of. All I had on my brain was finding a way to fulfill his dream of replacing his motorcycle that was stolen after waiting 15 years, The kids were now 10 and 11 and 6 months old and we wanted to have time to get away for a few hours alone together…….this dream was so powerful that even after his party in May, I still wanted to find a way to Vision.  I kept telling people my goal and had no idea how it would be manifested until we attended our company’s annual national conference where I had qualified for a special draw.  The prize was $5, $10, or $20,000 dollars. After my name was announced, I flew over the 5 people who were seated in our row and ran to meet the President up on stage where I announced to the all 2,300 consultants that we were going to follow through on this GradUit with the winnings.

At the end of the 1st quarter of this year, where are you in relation to your goal? Are you on your game? Let’s evaluate!!!

Think about the day you created your vision of your future this year on your board in December of last year…..

  • Step one was to think about what you wanted specifically.
  • Step 2 was to create a picture story board of where you are going this year
  • Step 3 was to support it with affirmation cards in line with the overall goals.
  • Step 4 was to make a plan to execute.

So how well were you able to execute that plan?  I am thrilled that I am 15% of my way there, nope not 25% and that is ok because you can always move the deadline date. I am excited about what is to come and have total faith and belief that I will meet all year end objectives by using my resources to Make IT Happen GradUit style.

It is always important to “Reflect, Review, Reframe” your beliefs to be in line with the commitment you made to yourself and those who are important in your life. Your team or board of directors.

I must say that I believe that the belief of my commitment to fulfill this dream of riding a motorcycle again with Marc is what allowed things to show up to help me get there. Vision Board when you really believe!!!

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