Enough is Enough – Letting Go of Beliefs

Submission by Liz M Raymond

Enough is Enough! I don’t want to live like this any longer!  Life has got to be better than this!


These very words blew through my mind like a tornado 7 years ago. It was at that very moment that I knew change had to happen, but most of all I knew it had to begin with me.  How? I stood there baffled and bewildered.  I had been living that same vicious circle for almost 40 years.  I didn’t know where to begin or where to go to get whatever it was that I needed to make it happen.  If there was anything I knew, it was that change can be challenging.  But, but I also knew it was doable and it would be worth it –it was and continue to be a commitment I ready to make. Where did I start? A very good friend shared something that was the beginning of my transformation. Metacognition – a big word that simply means it is the practice of thinking about thinking – which means you need to become conscious about what I was thinking – 24/7.

What I didn’t realize was that I had been making choices based on beliefs that I had learned throughout my childhood and the experiences I lived. They can be other people’s opinions, they can be fears and anxieties that belonged to others that got passed down   A vicious circle that had to be changed.  We make choices based on what we believe to be our “truth” and we search for people and situations that support those “truths”.  Our truths aren’t necessarily “the truth” but they are truths that we grew up believing, such as “rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor” or “to be successful you need to have a university degree”.  The good news is that what we have learned can be unlearned.  Hurray!!!


When I started paying attention to the chatter in my head and looked at my life thus far, I started to connect the dots.  OMG.. that’s why I made the choices I made.  I had limited myself so much that I kept stalling my career/business/relationships.  Time to let go of those beliefs.

A few weeks of noticing what you are thinking, especially when you notice that you aren’t being so kind to yourself… calling yourself an idiot, beating yourself up about a choice you made, knocking yourself down… thoughts that repeatedly show up and make you feel bad or even worse about yourself.  Start there.  Write it down.. then review what you have written.  Ahha… baby steps.  It’s all done with baby steps.  Surround yourself with people who can support you, who can help you as you let go of the old beliefs and create new ones.  I’d like to invite you to visit us at GradUit Thrivers and meet an awesome support system. Let’s us show you how we can help you get it done. Email me today at

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