Focus on the Future

by Penny Lee Prevost, Co-Founder

As this year comes to a close I am reminded of so many things I had the courage to let go of and how many new and exciting opportunities that have presented themselves based I what I focused on. Focus comes in the form of visual reminders like a vision board, vision book, vision jar, or vision coasters.  As well, positive affirmations to reinforce the floating thoughts and of course an action plan to see goals through to actualization. It just tickles me to think of how powerful the Universe actually is when we align our beliefs, thoughts and actions. This is the basis of being a Thriver and not just a survivor, reacting to what life throws at us.


So what have you accomplished this year big or small? It is time to celebrate them all and give yourself the credit you deserve!  I know I am celebrating my daily improvements in my life.  This past year I focused on improving my health through Friends Friday dinners. Then to taking action with my physical fitness by becoming an Nia barefoot cardio fitness instructor, and finally landing a leading role in the development of a cleaning eating movement with Epicure.  WOW!

Have you short changed yourself on all the accomplishments you have made this year?  Just consider where your starting line was in January of this year…….What was it that you wanted to do, be or have by the end of 2015?  Did you have the success you were aiming for?  Did you fall a little short?  Did you end up with more, or farther than you expected?  And why did either scenario occur?  OR did you just give up on your resolution for improvement after a short while simply because it was too big of a goal? Or maybe because it was too difficult to do on your own?  Or was it way too scary to move out of your comfort zone?

Life is about living, living is about growing, and growing is about change.

So where is your Starting Line this year and what are you going to change?

starting line

Are you ready to set yourself up for success by giving yourself the permission to learn from daily experiences and to learn from the people you surround yourself with?  I know I have taken tiny steps annually and have found myself to be on the ultimate success path with many other like- minded people who help me stay accountable and focused. I am ever so grateful for where I have come from, and I know where I am going, and would love to help you come with me also.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may find yourself running on that hamster wheel of life, so I want to invite you to STOP!!!!  LOOK!!!!  LISTEN!!!

What is it that will truly boost your happiness meter in 2016?   Share it below in the comment section

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