For women entrepreneurs in their early years of business

If you are a woman in the early years of your business, tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, you are in the right place.

Ready to be amongst amazing women who support each other, free of judgement, and share experiences freely?

You are in the right.

The benefits of our tools and community are clear
accelerated learning of key business skills
Immediate access to different perspectives
source of inspiration, support and accountability
Reduced sense of isolation
Resource sharing
inspire creative thinking
discover opportunities
your choice

Liz and Penny lee

Why we do what We do

With 60 years of business experience between us, our journeys have allowed us to work with many mentors and amazing entrepreneurs along the way who have inspired greater visions, shared expertise and taught us valuable skills that have had a direct impact on where we are today.

We know it takes a village!

Being witness to, and on the journey with women entrepreneurs as they birth their business and nurture it from vision to reality brings us great joy. When women step up and in with great confidence they make an even greater impact on the world around them.

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new this year

Friends Friday Fun Podcast

Join Penny Lee on her recently launched Friends Friday Fun Podcast as she explores different perspectives with new 'Friends' using our 4Cs For Success strategies. 

Incorporating our PAZ (Positive Attitude Zone) Talk Cards she sparks conversations that allow us to get to know her guests on a more personal level.

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