Influence is a powerful force!

As we launched into 2016, I was observing where I was influencing others and how I too have been influenced in the past. It is very fascinating now that I am more conscious of what I allow myself to be influenced by. All of the training as a GradUit has really helped me realize that I have total control over who and what gets by the keeper of the gate, ME more specifically my mind!

Yes it is true that the Webster’s dictionary description of Influence is:”a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way”

However I believe that it is effectively in the end how we actually allow others to influence us.  We do have total control over this yet people do not take responsibility for it.

People in general continually try to find someone or something to blame things that have not gone well on and also tend to give away credit for hurdles overcome to others.  It is a matter of owning our own power and making our own choices to do, be and have the best that life has to offer. A new year is an opportunity to take control of who or what influence us to make those dreams become reality now.

Recently watching a movie, I was focused on the power of the mind when influenced by a burning desire.<<< A physically strong man wakes up in a tub of ice, realizing his kidney has been removed (stolen). Now on a mission to find who did this….weak from the physical strain on his body but overpowered by the mind’s ability to influence, he sets out on a killing rampage to show the underworld cartel that this is unacceptable and he will not stop until it is found. You see the kidney was going to his daughter to save her life……only when the road led to a wealthy grand-father who had purchased it on the black market to save his grandson’s life the tables turned.  The determination to get the kidney back came as a result of the perspective being that the rich old man didn’t need it as much as his daughter did. However the grandson needed it just as much…….now that is a powerful influence!>>>  This is why it is so important to understand your “WHY” for doing not just some things but everything.

Watching parents teach children, how to respect others, is really about teaching them to respect themselves.  How much sleep they get, what foods they choose to fuel their bodies, how much physical activity they exert, how their emotions are managed, ultimately what programs get uploaded into their mind and are nurtured. All of these survival skills are taught and practiced from a very young age.  Success comes as a result of continued tweaking of these skills with a continued investment in our self as we travel on our journey of life!

It’s time to step up and make things happen with the power to influence yourself and others in a positive and inspiring way, through our own actions to make small and significant changes to Thrive through continued growth……what we GradUits call ReSolutions!

Step 1 – Understand your beliefs and influences

Step 2 – Know why you want to accomplish a goal

Step 3 – Make a plan to improve, grow, embrace change

Step 4 – Take action with accountability to stay on course

Influence you 1st, then watch others become inspired to do the same to live the abundant life they choose every day!!!

Join us at our next Stepping Stones Mini-Masterclass. Where like-minded people come together to support each other, finding their why and creating the steps to achieve their dreams and goals.

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