It’s all in the Attitude

October is a time to give thanks for many things however it is also a time to gear up for an awesome finish to a year of successes no matter how big or small they are.

As a business woman I sometimes forget to take time to celebrate the small steps towards success, getting caught up in the get it done attitude before allowing myself time to celebrate. With Thanksgiving coming I find it is a perfect reminder to step back and really evaluate what matters most, my values and the right positive attitude to support them.

Happy woman standing with hands up on long straight road facing the sun. Sunset sky
Happy woman standing with hands up on long straight road facing the sun. Sunset sky

Taking a look back at the last 3 quarters of this past year to see where improvements were made to line up with my overall objective for the year has been very helpful. Recognizing where I tweaked in one area to allow results to shine in another gives me a real sense of accomplishment and empowers me to reach further to ensure my 2016 strategy is followed through on. Celebrating the fact that by simply allowing myself to be vulnerable in order to learn and grow has been a huge step for me that deserves recognition. Embracing all the small signs of being on the right track for moving my vision to victory as I master my manifesting skills is also very energizing.

Lastly, the comfort of knowing that I am not alone in overcoming the challenges I face as an entrepreneur. As an individual continuing to improve with a board of directors to brainstorm solutions with, seeing things through a different lens has been the ultimate in building my confidence in my ability to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Today I appreciate the most powerful of all the tools I have gained that I use to reach my goals, my support system called GradUit Thrivers Inc.. It is through the power of our GradUit Cornerstones sessions that I reflect, re-frame and plan my abundant life that allows me to be the best I can be for myself and our next generation. Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

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