Legacy Living

Legacy Living!

by Penny Lee Prevost

What is your legacy? What will you be remembered for? Who would you like to remember you?

GradUit Thrivers

How much time do you actually sit and think about these questions?
I can guess not very much and you would not be alone in that either. If you have never thought about this before, your mind right now is probably telling you…….Who are you to think that you could leave an impact on this world? You are no Edison, Bell, King, Theresa, Gandi, Mandela or Keller! What makes you think that you would even be remembered for anything? My question for you would be “WHO ARE YOU NOT TO BE”?

Now I know these questions are often difficult to even consider for most people. As a matter of a fact the majority of people today live in a survival mode mindset, simply reacting to what life puts in their path. Is that you? This is simply a result of your conditioning, the programs that you observed growing up which have become habits. These habits get you through the daily grind that don’t require any amount of planning or thinking at all. They also keep you in what you believe is a safe zone, living within your comfort zone and just getting by day by day.

Thrivers on the other hand are different, success minded people actually do take time to think about what their loved ones would say when they pass and even one step further how they can leave this world a better place. Perhaps your legacy is to be the best Mom to your children, or to mentor an art student following their passion to paint, sing or dance, maybe you want to feed a city through farming or travel the world speaking to large groups of people inspiring them to do, be or have more out of life. Big or small, we all impact others in our time here so why not invest in a plan that will make you happy to do just that.

Most people don’t want to think of a time when they are gone so they just ignore the question all together. I would much rather have control over what it is I am remembered for. Actually I say why wait until you are gone to have a legacy fulfilled, live it today instead! Enjoy watching others cherish your life lessons today! Start small with a simple list of things you love to do, knowing that if you spent time reflecting on these things that the people who need and want to know more about them will come forward beginning the chain reaction. You plant the seed that will continue to sprout bigger and stronger year after year, while you observe the roots expand and know that it will continue long after you are gone.

I invite you to join the GradUit Thrivers who make it a priority to invest time at the minimum monthly studying our thoughts that allow us to live our vision of our life out being the best we can be consistently.

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