Lighting the Fire that Ignites

By Liz M Raymond, Co-Founder GradUit Thrivers Inc.

I got up this morning and found myself staring at my dreamboard and wondering what I was thinking when I created the tiles that were situated in the square.  When I reviewed each one I could see that I was being hopeful, but not REALLT focused on what I wanted.  For an example, I have a tile that has a couple on it with pictures that reflected a loving relationship.  Sure, I’d like that, doesn’t everyone??  But it’s not really something I was truly focused on.  How do I know this?  I know it because although I have been thinking it would be nice to have someone to spend time with, dining with and sometimes just doing nothing but having a conversation…. It’s not something I have been wanting seriously.  So why did I create it? Because I just wanted to fill that square with something about relationships – one of the four Cornerstones of GradUit Thrivers.

What I should have placed in that square was words and pictures about something I was dying for!  Something that moves me to no end!  It wasn’t until I took some time with a new friend and we were in a conversation about our ventures that we are creating to create SOCIAL CHANGE, that I realized I need to rethink what is on my dreamboard.

You see, it is my passion for helping single parents.  My desire to change what continues to remain the same.  It’s the situations single parents find themselves in.  It’s the effect of a lack of resources to help single moms and single dads give them the language to help their children through their challenges.  To find ways to resolve those horrid situations with ex-partners that feel hopeless.  It’s the sharing of experiences between single parents when there are successes that we can share with each other, so that we can help each other when we feel alone and ashamed.

It’s the symbols of collaborations.  The symbols of communication.  The symbols of sharing knowledge.  THAT’s what should be on my dreamboard.  That stuff that moves me.  Others see the passion and desire in my voice when I talk about it, when I share what we can do TOGETHER.  The difference we can make.

For a successful dreamboard is one that stirs up your emotions and excitement.  When you look at it, you start your day with the fire under your ass that makes you DO something…. Even if it is one little thing.  Something that moves you towards that DREAM to turn it into a REALITY!  It’s that vision you think about when you crawl into bed, lay your head on your pillow and dream about.  It’s the last thing you think about at night that gets the Universe working with you.

I’m excited that I get to do my Dreamboard over again time and time again, to create MY Vision.  Getting together with friends, whose energy together in one room, creates energy like a bundle of batteries!  I invite you to join me in creating your Dreamboard/Visionboard and get hyper focused on what you WANT that creates the life you want.

Join us for our next Dreamboard January 31st – Details and Registration HERE

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