Money is Power & So is Planning

saving-CV1Money is a powerful force—both in our lives and in our society. Because our beliefs have an impact on us and our finances, you need to become aware of and change your money and wealth beliefs. When you change your beliefs, it changes the way you think; this in turn changes the way you value money and the way you attract it.

Becoming aware of your financial state is the first positive step towards moving yourself towards financial freedom (to me this is where I can lay my head down on my pillow to sleep at night and be free of financial worries or concerns).  Now here comes the pain – yep, tracking what you are spending, writing everything down in a notebook.  That includes gathering information about your income, your debts and any financial responsibilities you may have.  Some people consider this step as preparing for a budget.  I, on the other hand, consider it the first step to creating my spending plan.  Permission to spend my money!

  Changing by breaking cycles and replacing them with new beliefs includes how you look at your debt and how you plan to spend your money. This is not a financial diet, it is about what and how you choose to spend your money on.  It’s your money, it’s your desire on how you want to live your life.  There is NO perfect way. Find a comfortable chair, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth – three times, now you are ready to begin.

Let me share a little with you about debt.  Choosing smart debt over bad debt will help move you towards those goals you have been thinking about.  You see smart debt is anything you choose that can be considered an investment, or increase in value.  A great example is investing in your education.  Want to have a better career, then choosing a program or courses that will help get you there (where your life long income potential increases), is definitely smart debt.  I think dumb debt is the easy one to figure out here.  It’s all those impulse purchases that you don’t really need, dinners out, vacations that you really can’t afford.  These are all things that you may find yourself regretting when you have to slap down those earned dollars long after the purchase has been made.

Life is about choice.  Money is about choice.  Your financial situation is about choice.  We all have free will.  Your financial picture is all about setting goals, keeping money conscious and making better choices, even when you think you don’t have any.  Planning baby, it will do you good!!

Liz M Raymond

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