How often do you catch yourself doing or saying something that your parents said or did when you were a child growing up in their home?positive attitude
What was it like growing up in your home with one parent or two?
Did you have rules to follow or did you get to make and break the rules?
Do you recall if one parent enforced the rules while the other found ways to bend them?
It is fascinating to reflect on these questions to help determine if your parenting style is similar to what you grew up with or if it is different and why?
I am constantly reminding myself that my parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had. Children are consistently observing their environment to best maneuver through it. Children often surprise us by what they repeat verbally and physically because there is no filtering of information through the mind of a child. They can be brutally honest and help us realize where improvements can be made if we are open to receive and more importantly act upon it.
Today as a parent of 3 children. I am thrilled by what my children have learnt from my willingness to not only improve myself, but how I interact with others as well. They have grown into wonderful adults who have positive attitudes with excellent social skills. I believe it is important to have rules to live by for ourselves and even more important for our children to have boundaries that they can respect.  As a member of our family we have unconditional love for each other creating confidence to know that we can always count on being there for each other in good times and bad.  Every member is responsible and accountable to contribute to maintaining our home and keeping our environment healthy so that we can be happy.
We respect each other, our time and our things. We help each other reinforce positive talk and thoughts we share ongoing to create memorable experiences for generations to come.

What memories are you creating for you and your family today?

attitudeAre you happy with your home environment, is there room for improvement or is there an opportunity to try something new, or different? Perhaps an opportunity to rekindle a relationship with a distant family member is on the horizon. Remember that it is always easier to change yourself than it is to try to change some one else.When you change, you can change the way others react to you. I am happy when something is my fault because I can always change me and fix the problem. So let me leave you with this:

Are you the parent you truly want to be?

How do you want your children to describe your parenting when they are grown?

What kind of memories are you creating for you and your family today?

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