Reality Check In


By Penny Lee Prevost

Have you ever thought about going on a vacation, getting a massage or treating yourself to a night on the town only to think…….ah man, I can’t really afford it now but when I have money I will do it.

Well I have to say that being a GradUit Thrivers has allowed me to make some observations and come to realize that many people are miserable because they are constantly waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to do, be or have something. Waiting for the money to come is not healthy, it eats away at our soul, time escapes us and we move into a mode of regrets.

Let’s face it we all have the same amount of time available in a day to work with and what we do with that time is a choice. Some like to exchange their time for money to generate funds to live and others invest their money in opportunities that generate passive income freeing up time to create special memories.

Why is it that some people can be so happy living with bare minimum and others are never happy when they have all the toys and gadgets they want yet are never satisfied? I believe that it comes down to exchanging our time and money for experiences that fuel our happiness emotional tanks. Experiences are also shared as stories of adventures that happen to you which trigger more emotions as they are told. They can also be investments of knowledge that add value to your skills to improve the value you bring to others which can generate even more funds when others realize the value you bring to a project.

Recently, my husband and I traveled to a region of Quebec on the boarder of Vermont where we had the privilege to experience new roads to ride our motorcycle. We chose to stay at a lovely B & B instead of in a popular hotel at ½ the cost. It was in the deep bush away from the hustle and bustle of the city which allowed us to appreciate the beauty of the gardens and the history of the region’s ancestors. When we crossed over into the USA, traveling through the mountains of Vermont, we noticed that many people lived in small homes or shacks yet had very well cared for yards where they shared fun times with friends outdoors. In Burlington, Vermont we discovered a high end designer shop that people were flocking into so I decided to take a peek only to find a friend of mine worked there. What a surprise!!! I mentioned to my husband how I wanted to get myself a cotton dress before we left home and here was my opportunity to do just that. To my surprise the dress I picked was given to me as a gift from my Nia community member that honored our wedding anniversary as a great accomplishment. I was so surprised and wanted to decline but realized that this would take the emotional spirit of giving away from her if I did, so I graciously accepted it and as a result it overflowed my emotional tank in a positive way.

The whole point is to make sure that you are aware of your current reality and pay yourself 1st with a reserve of funds for fun that fill your emotional tank up to ensure that your mind and body are rewarded regularly on this journey we call LIFE!

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