Reflection, See the Good Stuff

by Liz M Raymond, Co-founder

As another year comes to a close many of us are thinking about new resolutions for the coming year.  Yet looking forward without reflection of the last 365 days can make you feel like you are walking into a maze.  Too many directions that you can choose from can creates overwhelm and confusion because you just don’t know which path to take.  Too many choices, too many dangling carrots, too many promises on social media of creating a six figure income.  Who the heck wants to start the next year in that state of mind?  I know I sure don’t!  And I am certain that you don’t want to start your next year in that state of mind either.  There can be many challenges at looking back -1- you may not want to look back, are you thinking “I’m a forward thinking person so why should I look backwards?” -2- you may have had a year of challenges and mishaps so you REALLY don’t want to look at that at all! – 3- too often we are too hard on ourselves, are you hearing the “would have, could have and should haves right about now?

So let me help you get started.  Take a look at the challenges you have faced, but don’t stop there!  Think about …   How did you handle them?  What strategies did you learn to overcome those challenges?  What lessons did you learn? Did you find yourself bouncing back a little faster?  Has your inner voice changed?  Who showed up to support you when you least expected it?   Look at the successes and realize they come in different sizes.  Now take a deep breath, be proud of the accomplishments you made and let go of the rest – take the lessons and start planning your next 365 days.

Reflection can be empowering and can set the mood for envisioning how your next 365 days can unfold.  As Oprah always says “Surround yourself with those that life you up”.  Allow yourself to dream, BIG!  Get together with that group and create a Dream board, write out you plan and gain strategies that will help you get there.

How do you reflect and plan?  Please add them below in the comments


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