Reflections of Yesterday

personal developmentReflections of Yesterday, can bring clarity and comfort in the days ahead.  There are many reasons why we look back – a new year – a loss – a celebration – a significant change.  It’s only in those quiet, calm moments that we can receive the greatest gift of clarity.  For when we look back in moments of anger, sadness or sorrow, the negative events may be magnified.

Choosing to take time while you are in a state of calm, can bring the greatest lessons from the challenges you have faced.  These moments can awaken you to the recognition of those resourceful times that you overcame some pretty challenging occurences.  And most of all, it’s those moments when you take the time to think about where you were, what you have done, and where you are today, that you can honestly see just how far you have come.

Lessons learned from those challenges (not failures, because there is always a lesson to be found) are lessons you can share with others whom you meet, who just might be facing those same challengers.  Offering up your lessons and the skills and strategies you gained, can be very valuable to those you share them with.  Taking a look back at those who have crossed your path and who were influential in your life, while you dug up the courage from deep within, can bring great waves of gratitude.

Reflection shouldn’t only be done after years have gone by. For when we take the time to reflect and allow ourselves to see what we have done, who we have inspired and who has inspired us, we can make the shifts we need and we can be grateful more often.

As the end of the year draws nearer, and a new year is about to begin, find some quiet time to reflect.  Know that you matter and deserve to take the time for YOU.  For when I look back (and I look back often) and I see the challenges, but most of all I see the continued growth that began from the committment I made to attend my first weekend Me WAY (Who Are You) in 2009, I know I’ve come a long way.  I know I have been inspired by many.  I know I have inspired many.  But most of all, I can see me, where I’ve come from and where I’m going.  2017 is “ME” year – If it is for you, be sure to join me at our Me WAY Retreat

Liz M Raymond


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