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About our ReSolutions Program

“This is a great program and it will help you succeed in all areas of your life.” – Elizabeth R

“If you are indecisive you should stiil experience this program. A weekend is such a short time in the big picture. Worth every minute.”  – Julie D

“I let my burdens go and found myself at last!” – Brenda W

“I feel like have opened my eye to the whole me and have been given the tools to develop my future.” – Julie S

“This program will help you understand that the world does not control you. You control yourself, your decisions and your world around you.” – Jodi L

“If you are coasting through life this program will put you in the drivers seat.” – Wanda S

“If you are looking for a new start and perspective – you need to attend this program. I would have paid triple for what I got.” – Kim H

“This program is a gift you give yourself. It is a wonderful journey into “yourself” and a way to really take a look into what makes you tick.” – Cathy

“Amazing experience! Every person of every walk of life needs to be part of this.” – Junella

“This program made me realize that it’s okay to just be myself and it’s okay to be successful for myself…don’t be afraid of you!” – Sarah N

“If you are overwhelmed with changes that need to be made in your life – don’t be! Great tools and materials!” – Peter N

“Do it! You deserve to do this for yourself and your family!” – Trisha S

“Very empowering, insightful weekend. it’s a road map to build the life you want!” – Karen N

About Stepping Stones to Success – Business Edition

“I highly recommend anyone sitting on the fence with attending this workshop to just take the first step and register, you will be thankful!!

I attended all 4 workshops last year to help gain my focus on getting clearer with my business plan. I am proud to say I am up 65% on sales along with having a clearer vision for my business Maid The Day Cleaning Services

Even though I have been in business for 10+ yrs, one can always gain new tools to better serve our selves and our community. I have gained more then the price I paid for these workshops, so please take the first step and invest into yourself. Enjoy the journey and be prepared to fly for lots of great things will come your way once you take that first step” – Jacqueline Shinniman, Ottawa, ON

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