Stepping Stones for Success

Make Success a habit

Improve your personal life or your business >> add new tools, skills and strategies to your “tool bag” every month. Learn from experts the steps to get you there faster than you think possible..

Join us in making success a habit. Attendees use the GradUit Stepping Stones as a vehicle to remain motivated, re-evaluate their goals and stay on track to reach great success. Re-Attending every 30 Days will strengthen your skills, create powerful relationships and support to ensure you achieve every goal you choose to commit to.

Gain confidence, clarity and focus every step of the way.

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Move from where you are now to where you want to be quickly and easily when you implement the 4 C’s of Success consistently!

>>>>>> Commit to yourself and your vision and/or goals.

>>>>>> Communicate your vision and message effectively.

>>>>>> Community support to encourage you on your path to success.

>>>>>> Collaborate because together everyone achieves more (TEAM)!


“Even though I have been in business for 10+ yrs, one can always gain new tools to better serve our selves and our community. I have gained more then the price I paid for these workshops,so please take the first step and invest into yourself. Enjoy the journey and be prepared to fly for lots of great things will come your way once you take that first step” – Jacqueline Shinniman, Maid the Day Ottawa, ON

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