Stop Living on Autopilot: Tips for Living Your Best Life!

Are you tired of getting the same results every day, falling short of reaching your objectives, wishing for things that never come to be?  Perhaps it’s because, most of the time, you’re living your life on autopilot. Would you like different results? Then make it a priority to plan your life!  Start by observing your actions, appreciating what is, and reflect on what can be.

THINK >>>>about how many times you’ve followed the same routine; getting ready for your work day, always the same way, over the past week, month, and years?

We tend to fall into the trap of living unconsciously…

How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning to finally drag yourself out of bed? Is your breakfast the same quick bite as you run out the door, or just a cup of coffee as you hit the road to start your day? Do you kiss and hug your family members, pet your dog or cat, when you leave for the day?  Do you listen to the same radio station as the announcer reports on traffic or review your to do list in your head?  Have you noticed the same children waiting to get on the bus as you drive by everyday? Or not?…

All these things are done unconsciously, every day. We often don’t even notice the precious little things that can make our lives more meaningful and memorable. We weren’t meant to just get by, barely surviving the daily grind. We’re meant to thrive! To live every day to the fullest!  

Begin to live your life purposefully

Where do you begin living a life filled with possibilities, purpose, and passion? It all starts with what you’re thinking…..YES! Do spend time thinking and noticing the little things – this will help you to start doing things differently.  

Change your routine, jolting your mind into a conscious state. Why not jump out of bed before the 1st alarm, or write in a gratitude journal before getting up? Perhaps some stretching in bed before hitting the floor running will help you to shift your mind.

Plan your meals for the next day, the night before, ensuring you are well nourished and eat regularly. Fueling your body is essential. Consider adding one simple thing; drink a glass of water thirty minutes before a meal. This will kick start your metabolism and and your mind.

Showing appreciation for those you love with a note in their lunch box, a text or a quick call, let’s them know you are thinking of them. This is the beginning of a positive chain reaction, I am sure!

Adding an audio book to your drive to and from work, will enhance your knowledge base. Consider listening to a recording of your goals and objectives. This will help affirm your goals and objectives, creating new beliefs, making it possible to succeed.

A wave to the children as you drive by will give them a spark of life, showing them they matter because you noticed them.

Living R.A.W.

Induce your mind to be in a state of R.A.W: Rested, yet Alert, Waiting for the next spark to brighten yours and another being’s day, to live life as a THRIVER.

Explore our website for more wonderful tips to begin thriving daily or join our community of GradUit Thrivers to become accountable to live your best life every day!

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Thank you Stephen! I would love to discuss the Happiness Road Tour with you to help others begin to apply some of these tips. What do you think?

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