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Liz M Raymond, Professional Business Organizer

Getting Organized for Profitability Checklist

From Liz M Raymond, Professional Business Organizer

"Your books are the story of your business". 

Making sure you write a true biography and not fiction needs to be high on your list of priorities. Afterall, it will ensure you are making the money you want and only paying the government the taxes you need.

Getting organized is the top task that ensures you know if you are making money and where you are making it.

This checklist is the perfect starting point to help you understand where to start and how to determine what YOU need to organize.

About Liz

This advocate for single mompreneurs is known on Facebook as the "Quickbooks Queen"!

When she's not creating Facebook Lives cooking with her granddaughter, she's meeting women entrepreneurs where they are at and translating all that accounting gobbledegook into layman's terms they can understand.  Moving them from stress and overwhelm to confidence and financial clarity. Gaining financial clarity allows you to make confident decisions in business and in life! 

Liz's 30 years in the accounting field, having worked with some of the top accounting firms led to her creating a bookkeeping practice as a single mom. As Co-Founder of GradUit Thrivers Liz now mentors and trains women entrepreneurs and bookkeepers, helping them build their business from the foundation up! 

Her mission is to help all women gain economic independence through entrepreneurship.

Penny Lee Prevost, The Dancing Motivator and Business Coach

Your Starting Line Workbook

From Penny Lee Prevost, The Dancing Motivator and Business Coach

In business and in life we can't stay still. Life balance is a series of choices you make based upon your priorities that determine how you spend your time.  This includes business as well as your private life.

"Your Starting Line Workbook" is a tool you can use to evaluate where you are each month.

Re-visiting your startling line monthly allows you to determine your growth/achievements and what needs prioritizing. 

About Penny Lee

As the Co-Founder of GradUit Thrivers Inc. she helps clients visualize a more exuberant and brighter future embracing the Positive Attitude Zone philosophy. The incorporation of music and movement, means her clients retain the information better. This also allows her clients to give themselves permission to have fun and helps open their mind to possibility thinking.

Her committed and tenacious nature ensures clients move through change in a positive and fun way to achieve their desired results. 

Her passion of narrowing the gap with the next generation, adding value from adults in their sunset years with the implementation of thriving skills and incorporating movement to music allows the magic to begin.

You can often find her chasing sunsets with her husband as she travels the open roads on their motorcycle fueling her Friends Friday movement for a brighter tomorrow.

Alex Keenan, Public Speaking Coach

Speech-writing Cheat Sheet

From Alex Keenan, Public Speaking Coach

Say good-bye to speech-writing paralysis!

Coming up with an effective speech can be rather nerve-wracking. Engaging your audience's attention can be a challenge. Remove that challenge with my cheat sheet.

A simple system for organizing your thoughts and writing a presentation for any event. 

About Alex

Alex Keenan will transform the way you look at public speaking. She’s spoken everywhere from conferences to courtrooms to crowded bars, and learned a thing or two about authentic audience connection.

She works with businesses, professionals and change-makers who recognize that public speaking is a crucial tool for their success. With a deep understanding of how to bridge gaps between people - and a gift for helping her clients find the strength to confront their fears - Alex helps her clients speak confidently, find the right words, and build a stage presence that is powerfully authentic.

Cindy Little, International Health and Wellness Coach at Health2Wealth

Health Assessment & Healthy Lifestyle Plan 

From Cindy Little, International Health and Wellness Coach at Health2Wealth

Health Assessment, workout plan, nutrition plan and Personality Decoding assessment to understand how best to communicate for life and business,

About Cindy

CEO of Health2Wealth Inc, Health Professional of over 30yrs, Professional Network Marketer, Public

Speaker, Health Podcaster, Business Coach, Personality Decoder Coach, mom, wife, motorcyclist

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.

SHIFT into RICH: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success 

From Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.

SHIFT into RICH is not like any other business book. It not only points out 9 blind spots which turn into roadblocks for small business owners, but it provides action steps to avoid them.

About Diana

After three decades in business and working globally with coaches, consultants, and experts, Diana Lidstone has gathered rock-solid wisdom and advice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth and increase profits while freeing up more time for the things they love.

As the creator of the GPS Grow-meter and The Marketing Proficiency Effect, and as best-selling author of Shift into Rich: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success, Diana’s signature Aligned Profit Engine transforms frazzled, overworked business owners into profitable, happy CEOs.

Diana and her husband love boating in the Thousand Islands, Canada. She is often found walking her dog and drinking champagne (not at the same time)!

Fatima Barrera, Barrera Marketing 

Mini-Strategy to Up Level your Business

From Fatima Barrera, Barrera Marketing

This mini-strategy session for savvy business women like yourself, is a a marketing session to help you grow your business. 

I will provide direction and clarity around the next right thing to move forward towards success. Providing you with a marketing session to help grow your business wherever you are at with your business, 

About Fatima

Fatima Barrera, owner of Barrera Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency located outside Toronto. She helps you through every step of your entrepreneurial  journey.

She has almost two decades of marketing experience in the corporate world. Recently taken this vast experience and is now applying it to helping business owners with their marketing strategies. 

On a personal note, she is a singe mom to an 18 year old daughter (that seems to be more of a full time job!) and a 7 year old Shih-Poo, Charlie (who is also my assistant). :). I enjoy working out and make the time for it as much as possible, it's so important in keeping your body and mind at its peak!

My passion is working with business owners, like you to uncover potential in their business and help transform it by focusing on the right marketing strategy.

Glenda Barrington, Financial Wellness Coach

How to Reduce Financial Stress When You Have Irregular or Fluctuating Income 

From Glenda Barrington, Financial Wellness Coach

There are many perks to being an entrepreneur but one of the biggest stressors is inconsistent income.

In this FREE Guide I walk you through the process of creating a simple spending plan that can work for you,

even if you have fluctuating or irregular income!

Knowing where your money is coming from and going to, is the key to taking control of your finances. When

you are in control, and calling the shots, there is less money-related stress and you are better equipped to

meet your financial needs!

About Glenda

In her professional life Glenda inspires women to take control of their money and gain the freedom to spend their money how and when they want, to create the life they desire, without the guilt and the debt.

She is of the opinion when we invest in ourselves and believe we are worth it... that's when the "magic" happens!

Glenda has been in the financial services industry for over 12 years, serving others through her work as a Financial Wellness Coach, Mortgage Agent and Debt Consultant.

She has had her own misadventures with money and debt and uses a combination of her personal and professional experience to help other women create a solid financial foundation to build upon. Glenda approaches the “money stuff” from a holistic standpoint, after all, financial health has an impact on other areas of life.

She has a quirky sense of humour and the warmth of her East Coast (Newfoundland) personality feels like being enveloped in a big, comforting (virtual) hug.

When she isn’t working in and on her business, Glenda likes spending time with family and friends, reading, catching up on her fave TV shows, cooking and baking, being active and basically just enjoying life!

Heather Cameron

Heather Cameron, Client Getting Strategist and Business Coach

Build Your 30 Day Cash Creation Game Plan! 

From Heather Cameron, Client Getting Strategist and Business Coach

Are you ready to receive more cash in your business this month?!?  

I thought so… Access the “Build Your 30-Day Cash Creation Game Plan” Video Course Now!

This is a roll up your sleeves, get it done, and get results, 4-Day Video Course.  

When it comes to attracting more clients and money, it can be fast and EASY. You have to be willing to think outside the box… and commit to taking messy ACTION, QUICKLY.

If you are ready for easy, fun, step-by-step strategies to bring in more cash in the next 30 days, you’ll definitely want to access this program!

About Heather

Heather Cameron, is a Client “Getting” Strategist, and Business Coach, who is passionate about helping women create thriving businesses.

Heather combines her engineering, and coaching background, with natural intuition, and problem-solving skills, to help you simplify, and systemize your client “getting” system. Using your unique system, you can turn strangers into awesome, paying clients, with ease … even while you're sleeping! 

Jacqueline Richards, The Wealthy Yogini, Practical and Spiritual Solutions for Financial Health RYT, Author, Yoga for Y our Personal Finances

Satsang Journey - Workshop & Yoga for your Personal Finances book

From Jacqueline Richards, The Wealthy Yogini

Satsang Mission/Purpose: Identify barriers preventing a strong connection with wealth, health, and spirit. Focus energy to impact behaviours that serve your Life’s Purpose and your emotional environment. Provide capabilities to discover challenges and celebrate accomplished money and wellness goals.

With this workshop you will receive a copy of Jacqueline's book.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline truly understands that dealing with personal financial hardships has an impact on your mind, body and Spirit. Life Coach and Mortgage Professional, Jacqueline Richards coaches first time home buyers to single parent families to and real estate investors. 

Committed to the community for over 25 years, she has been with the YM-YWCA as group fitness Instructor volunteer. In addition, as a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, Jacqueline teaches Hatha Yoga, and Chair Cardio Fit and Chair Yoga. Jacqueline believes in participating in leadership and supports women in business as a proud participant on the Prime Ministers Task Force on Female Entrepreneurs. 

Jacqueline is also an accomplished international speaker and founder of Non-Di$clo$ure$ MasterMind Group. Her book, ”Yoga For Your Personal Finances, Practical and Spiritual Solutions for Financial Health” is a blending of yoga, chakras, and wealth solutions key to enriching physical well-being, personal wealth, goals, and dreams. Joining 29 women with life journeys to share,

Jennifer Walker, Master Connector and Genuine Coach

Foundations of Alignment - Clarity Exercises

From Jennifer Walker, Master Connector and Genuine Coach

This powerful PDF is full of exercises that will help you gain clarity on the foundations of your business, based on your values and needs.

Once you have some clarity it will guide you through setting your next step!

About Jennifer

Jennifer Walker is a master connector and genuine coach, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of their businesses, allowing them to start squashing imposter syndrome and grow in ways that feel authentic to them. 

Her holistic and intuitive style of coaching invites her clients to dig a little deeper, resulting in more authentic strategies and a shift in results.

Julie c Butler, Photographer

Quarterly Stock Photo Membership

From Julie C. Butler, Photographer

Beautiful, Vibrant & Colorful Stock Photos!

This is the only membership featuring Real and authentic Women entrepreneurs!

Images featuring the everyday, real life, girl next door that also communicate feeling & emotion.

About Julie

Julie is a 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 2 fur babies, and she started her business as a self-taught portrait photographer over 13 years ago.

She's a simple country girl at heart, but has been living in the city for 20+ years! She's a creative being who loves gardening & all things pink. She love mornings & lattes and is overall a pretty happy and positive person, life is a gift, and she feels incredibly grateful and happy to be living this life … in her yoga pants .

Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs who are in love with what they do, build & grow their business so that they can achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond by creating irresistible high converting brands that let them connect with their dream clients.

Juliette Stapleton, Visibility That Sells Strategist

Fuel Your Lives! 

From Juliette Stapleton, Visibility That Sells Strategist

30-day Authority Building Livestreaming Marathon to position you as an expert in your niche and invite your audience to join your current program/ buy your latest offer.

If you have been struggling to show up on video and connect to the members of your audience consistently, you are not alone. Self-discipline and lack of accountability is the number one reason why coaches fail to create the kind of visibility that sells!

About Juliette

Internationally known as a Visibility That Sells strategist, Juliette Stapleton is a consultant, coach, host of the Show Up! Stand Out! podcast, and a thought-leader on a mission to connect experts, coaches, and course creators to more and better clients using organic marketing and publicity. 

She has been featured in Forbes speaking on the topic of staying visible in uncertain times and is a contributor to Entrepreneurs.

Kaitlin Kirk, CPA

How to Create Your Efficient Process 

From Kaitlin Kirk, CPA

A step-by-step guide to creating efficiency in your business. 

We're going right back to basics with this course. 

We'll start with how to find the right processes in your company and go all the way through to creating good ones that work for you.

Be sure to use the promo code winning at the checkout

About Kaitlin

Kaitlin Kirk is a Chartered Professional Accountant who helps small business owners learn about their financial situation, work less, and get paid more. 

She used to do financial process improvement for a $5 billion company and now brings those big business skills and insights to small business owners.

 She spends a lot of time on the volleyball court and on-stage doing improv comedy when she’s not teaching small business owners how to decode their financial statements.

Kareen Aristide, Human Behaviour Consultant

Know Your Worth Challenge 

From Kareen Aristide, Human Behaviour Consultant

We invite you to embark on a 5-Day journey towards crushing self-doubt, gaining world-changing confidence and truly believing that we are among the most important wonders this world has to offer!

DAY 1: Choose Yourself | Day 2: Know Your Vision | Day 3: Discover Your Passion  | Day 4: Take Action | Day 5: Level Up!

About Kareen

Kareen Aristide stands out as a passionate woman in helping people achieve their full potential professionally, emotionally and spiritually. She combines over 20 years of professional experience in employment counselling, entrepreneurship and wellness. She offers consulting, training, coaching, keynotes and life changing events in personal and professional development with an emphasis on mental health. 

She's the instigator of She Did It! Elle a osé!, a network for women entrepreneurs to help them grow personally and professionally. 

She and her husband of 22 years own l'espace PME, a co-working space and event venue for entrepreneurs and their families. They are raising 5 wonderful children, some of which are also entrepreneurs!

Karen Wilson, Marketing and Business Strategist

Marketing Mindset: Start Here, Grow There

From Karen Wilson, Marketing and Business Strategist

You know you need marketing, but it's not always easy to know where to begin or who to listen to for advice.

This free video series, Marketing Mindset: Start here, grow there, was created to help you learn more about what marketing is and what it can do for your business.

Sign up today to access the series of videos and additional resources to help you make the decisions that will be more effective as you build momentum for growth in your business

About Karen

Karen Wilson is a marketing and business strategist who works with small business and startup clients to unlock the potential for growth in their businesses through marketing. Karen helps clients build actionable, measurable marketing strategies and plans that are realistic based their goals and their resources.

Lara Wellman, Certified Business Coach

Make More Bundle

From Lara Wellman, Certified Business Coach

Business Coach Lara Wellman has brought together two tools and two trainings to help you get clarity on what you're trying to create in your business, know how to price what you sell, know how to sell what you sell, and how to check in with yourself and adjust what you're working on and what your focus is weekly

About Lara

Lara is a Certified Business Coach who believes small business owners can make more money, love the work they do and still have time to enjoy their lives!

Through coaching, group programs, workshops and events, she helps business owners get the clarity they need to take the right action for them and their business.

Megan O'Neill, Mindset Mentor and Certified Core Belief Engineering Practitioner

Confidence Lab - Own Your Entrepreneurial Expertise Micro Course

From Megan O'Neill, Mindset Mentor and Certified Core Belief Engineering Practitioner

Are you ready to receive more cash in your business this month?!?  

I thought so… Access the “Build Your 30-Day Cash Creation Game Plan” Video Course Now!

This is a roll up your sleeves, get it done, and get results, 4-Day Video Course.  

When it comes to attracting more clients and money, it can be fast and EASY. You have to be willing to think outside the box… and commit to taking messy ACTION, QUICKLY.

If you are ready for easy, fun, step-by-step strategies to bring in more cash in the next 30 days, you’ll definitely want to access this program!

About Megan

Megan is a Mindset Mentor and Certified Core Beliefs Engineer (CBE) Practitioner who, for over 19 years, has helped clients break-free of limiting subconscious beliefs, fears and patterns. 

Her work specializes in the area of money mindset--assisting clients in understanding why they're operating the way they are and then working to clear it at a deep level so they can transform their relationship with money! 

She lives in Ottawa with her husband Kevin and her teens Sara and Tommy.

Melissa LeMay, Graphic Maven

Soft Rose Workbook Canva Template 

From Melissa LeMay, Graphic Maven

Canva Workbook Template - 30 Unique Pages

Perfect to Create Freebies / lead magnets, workbooks, lists or eBooks.Created by a Canva Certified Creative + Canva Creator

About Melissa

Mélissa helps female solopreneurs feel crazy confident about their visual content and stand out online and be seen so they can attract high-paying clients with ease.

She really focuses on the importance of their online presence (how they show up + look + talk ...). She's a BIG believer in doing business each our own unique ways, so with that in mind, she helps her clients embody that ''personal brand'' for themselves.

Canva Certified Creative, Canva Creator, CEO of a Graphic Design Agency & Business Coach, when working with Mélissa, you will build that BRAND RECOGNITION and confidence that both you and your business need.

Rebecca Happy, The Happy Marketing Group

Free Reputation Report 

From Rebecca Happy, The Happy Marketing Group

Find out how you are showing up in search for your business and what needs to be worked on to get more visibility, branding and authority to those who are checking you out to work with.

About Melissa

Rebecca has helped build an intentional community with a local chapter of a international charity for over 30 years. When she went online in the mid 2000's her world was cracked open with the possibilities of a flat lined world where everyone could partake.

Rebecca runs an Ottawa based Digital Marketing Agency. For over a decade Happy has trained with and participated in masterminds with some of the world's top digital marketing experts. In an ever-changing industry, this keeps her on top of cutting edge digital marketing tools and strategies to serve her local marketplace.

She believes that a strong business community builds thriving local communities. She started The Happy Marketing Group to help local business owners leverage the best of the digital world to grow their business with peace of mind and simplicity.

Renée Gendron, Client Getting Strategist and Business Coach

One Hour Business Coaching

From Reneé Gendron, Client Getting Strategist and Business Coach

Reneé helps businesses thrive through change in their business. This package is for a one hour business coaching to develop a business strategy and find resources to implement that strategy.

Business consulting includes:

  • Sales development 
  • Business model development 
  • Strengthening corporate culture 
  • Business ecosystem development 
  • Social enterprise development

About Renée

Renée Gendron has over 15 years experience in business. She's a trainer and consultant and the co-founder of a clean agricultural technology company. She's designed professional development courses for Sault College and teaches social entrepreneurship. 

She's coached start-ups and pitched billion dollar companies, and all points in between. Renée is a systems level thinker and helps companies focus on their strengths.

Santana Stallberg, Owner - Beyond Transcription

Website Audit 

From Santana Stallberg, Owner - Beyond Transcription

We will conduct an audit of your website to provide a key synopsis of areas that need to be improved to drive traffic, and get your site in front of the right clientele.

About Santana

The owner, Santana  has a masters degree in Sociology with a focus on Criminology and Law from Queen's University.  She is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist and an avid editor, tutor and mentor.

She has a multitude of experience working in a variety of industries: legal, finance, education, healthcare, administrative roles, and management roles. 

Santana developed the business model for Beyond Transcription Services through recognizing that there is a niche area for transcription services in Canada. Santana also worked for many different industries and noticed a similar problem - too much time, money and effort are spent on mundane tasks that take away from the more important tasks.

Santana wants to help you and your business by taking the time to complete your mundane tasks quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Tanya Hewitt, Owner  - Beyond Safety Compliance

Beyond Safety Compliance Webinar Series

From Tanya Hewitt, Owner - Beyond Safety Compliance

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month for 75 min, Beyond Safety Compliance will partner with a speaker and each will present their perspective on an aspect of work for 15 mins. Breakout rooms will follow, wrapping up with collective sharing and door prizes!

Make sure you sign up for an experience that is sure to enhance your learning, expand your network, allow you to engage in meaningful discussion, and perhaps win a prize. Treat yourself mid-week once a month to learn, participate, and root for your name on the wheel!

About Tanya

Tanya is a lifelong learner who would like to help businesses become healthier. Drawing from the fields of Human and Organizational Performance and Organizational Health, she offers a wealth of information in her services. 

She has degrees in physics and population health, and enjoys great conversation.

 She is a mother of two adult daughters and wife of a loving husband.

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