The Winds of Change

GradUitChange for some is very difficult and for others, utterly impossible.  Change can even put the fear of God in them and stop them dead in their tracks.

But believe it or not, life is about change. Not all changes have to be difficult or resistant or even bad.  More often than not, change is something that is good and definitely essential in our growth as human beings.  As I found out, a perceived bad change can even turn out to be the best change you could ever experience.  Difficult to believe, I know, but true!

There once was a time where I envisioned my life to be a repeat of the day before.  A continual Ground Hog Day, without any variation.  Living life in this pattern provided me with the one comfort that if I didn’t have to expect anything different, I would always know what I had to face tomorrow.  Having come from a single parent family with a scarcity mentality it was very easy to live this way – it’s what I “just had to deal with”.  This pattern did not give me any joy but only worry, stress and sadness.

Thankfully I learned life could be different, so very different.  An angel came into my life to show me just a glimmer of light that life could be better.

I set on a journey that involved participating in the workshops offered by the GradUit.  I started with Me 101 – Finding Your Way (I call this Who Are You).  For having spent years looking after everyone else, I lost who I was – I’m not even sure I knew who I was.

The skills, techniques, products and support I received during my journey made an incredible difference in my world.  Once I understood that the beliefs I held as my truths, weren’t really “the truth”, I was able to find my real truths.  I found out that I am this awesome, funny, intelligent, caring, dynamic woman who has SO much to offer and my potential is limitless.  I learned that changing my beliefs and believing in me, helped me to change my environment – which ultimately changed my home, children, my relationships and my business.

My angry teenage boys have grown to be wonderful young men with good hearts.  I am blessed to have a special relationship with each of them.

The gift I will always treasure is the ongoing support of this “family” and friends called the GradUit.  The non-judgmental support regardless of my goals or challenges (and I still have challenges – they are just easier to conquer) and the love they share as my personal cheerleaders is a gift.  I have moved from doing what I need to do, to doing what I love to do and being a functional part of my community.  I am out and about, sharing, caring and passionately make a difference. The winds of change I am feeling these days are cool, refreshing and gently steering me in the right direction – positive change that I embrace each and every day.

Liz M Raymond

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