Thriving Forward Sept 24

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Community + Safety – The Blue Zone Way

Join us at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, September 24 as we open the conversation about safety in our communities. During this time we are meeting online via Zoom, allowing us to continue in conversation.

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Thriver Storyteller – Meagan Cumming

Meagan Cumming will be joining us to share her story, Thriving with Community Support.

Meagan is a survivor of sexual violence who chooses to use her experience to inform her work as a psychotherapist and an advocate in her community of Kemptville.

Meagan is a Psychotherapist at the Kemptville Stress Relief Center

Visionary Storyteller — Penny Lee Prevost

Penny Lee is our Visionary Storyteller for this evening.

Within the theme of the Blue Zone Way’s Thriving Center of Community and sub-category of Safety, she will be sharing her story about a memory from her childhood as a 8 year old.

Be sure invite the women in your life to join you.

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