Understanding the Concept of Re-framing

Submission by Penny Lee Prevost, M.O.M. (Master Of Motivation)

When I first started out on this journey, the GradUit Thrivers Inc journey, the GradUit Network journey, the ReSolutions journey and the H-Trio journey….I certainly did not understand the concept of re-framing to the magnitude that I do now.

What I did understand and practice daily was the ability I nurtured since I was 14 years old.  The ability to look at things from a positive perspective or at least I thought I did!  You see, I believed that my open heart surgery was a blessing at age 14, a gift that lead me to the love of my life.  It was my destiny to meet this man in a place I never frequented, forced upon me by my mother for a reason I believed was a punishment at the time. A hole in my heart at the time was two-fold; one of physical reality “a hole between the atriums of my heart that needed to be patched”, and one of emotional reality imposed on me by my family frozen emotionally, that I was able to fill with the abundance of love from my now husband and his family that nurtured my positive attitude, proving to myself that I was not crazy to think this way.

When I embarked on this journey of becoming a GradUit Thriver, I was reluctant in the beginning to open my mind or my heart for fear that others would think less of me if they really knew me and all my flaws when I let my guard down and showed my emotions.  I was an emotional stone until I began to prioritize time to reflect, re-frame and plan my abundant life.  Starting off with H-Trio’s “Finding Your Way”, “Changing Your Way” and “Positive Attitude Zone” workbooks, followed by ReSolutions weekend seminars, then onto GradUit Network monthly mastermind sessions and now the community of people that are committed to growing themselves ongoing as GradUit Thrivers. I have come to realize that this is a never-ending process.  The reason why my mentor, Melanie Hayden-Sparks started the vision with H-Trio, to positively influence our next generation by leading by example through our own growth as individuals full of compassion and empathy for one another.  A powerful community of “Make IT Happen” people.

Becoming a Master of re-framing is an ongoing process, one that requires support and encouragement. After all the years we are exposed to the world’s outside influences growing up, while in school, and in society as we stumble our way through life’s events of building relationships, pursuing a career, maintaining our physical well-being and nurturing our emotions or not, it is not easy.  But it is actually very simple and fun!  Learning how to create the life of our dreams through re-framing (a success strategy) instead of reacting to the things that come our way give us the power to do, be and have the best out of life.


Taking time to reflect daily, weekly and monthly on our thoughts and feelings of life events gives us the knowledge we need to understand where we are coming from and how to improve and grow when we take on another perspective to move beyond the obstacles that get in our way of reaching our objectives. .

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