What is time really?

We can’t Clock-Baby-Bedtimetouch it or see it, however we can measure it and event track it. SO DO YOU?

Just think about it this way…..we are all born into this world with the same amount of time in a day yet we have no way of knowing how many days, weeks, months or even years that we have available to us in our lifetime. For this reason, it is important to strive to be smart with our time and most importantly to be grateful with the time that we do have, so treat it with respect.

Time is actually the currency of business success and creating a sense of urgency around accomplishing tasks is the key to happier clients. Having a DMO or daily method of operation or a DAP daily action plan for any area of your life will lead to greater success results. Setting a daily goal to PLAN – DO – REVIEW will help you to continue to move forward to become more efficient and productive.

Step #1 is to evaluate or track your time, where you are spending it which will save you time because you are very clear on where it is being invested.
Step #2 is to create a task list and prioritize the 6 most important things to do using the 80720 rule so that the most income producing activities are done 1st.
Step #3 is to plan and schedule blocks of time to start and stop a task, and remember that for every minute spent planning saves you 10 in the execution.
Step #4 is to create boundaries and become laser focused on 1 task at a time which can actually increase your productivity by 50%.

RespectTimeIn the end it is really a matter of respect – when you respect your time others will respect it also.

I challenge you to make every minute count as it is so precious which is why we call it the present.

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