Wisdom from the Heart

In the Wisdom from the Heart (TM) series, our goal is to create and provide positive, enlightening and fun information that we hope will help you through life and the challenges it may bring. No matter what your challenge or situation, always remember that this too shall pass and the sun will come out tomorrow. However, knowing that isn’t much help when you’re in the middle of difficult times. Maybe a little “Wisdom from the heart” will help until this challenge passes.

Or maybe you just need a fresh perspective.

That’s what we’re about. Real people sharing real experiences and solutions that can make you feel better, stronger, empowered and, most importantly, confident that the best is yet to come.

To help you get the most out of the program, we suggest you just video files in each of the modules the first time. Then review it again. The second time you review it; you will gain even more insight and maybe even hear something that you didn’t hear the first time. The third time you review it; start and stop it as required while you work through the workbook. The workbook has been designed to help you take this information and apply it to your life.

There are no rules; just think and write! We know the information in the program you are about to open yourself up to can help you dramatically change your life. But it’s like anything else…what you get out of it is in direct proportion to what you put in.

You are the first link in a positive chain reaction that nurtures the human spirit around the world.

The GradUit Thrivers Masterclasses include:

  • Changing Your Way
  • Finding Your Way
  • Legacy Living
  • Life Balance
  • Money Matters
  • Positive Attitude Zone (PAZ)
  • Positive Attitude Zone in the Home
  • Reach the Peak
  • Re-Dream It
  • ReSolutions
  • Stepping Stones to Success
  • Time Management